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Arkom Nurse Call Systems

Arkom Nurse Call Systems is a division of Horizon Electronics Company, located in Knoxfield, Victoria. Arkom is a true IP based Nurse Call System incorporating the latest embedded technology, offering a complete solution for healthcare communication. Designed with multiple applications in mind, our hospital nurse call systems remain low cost, scalable yet feature rich addressing implementation, communication, workflow, and patient safety. 

Arkom’s Nurse Call Systems uses the speed and flexibility of an Ethernet network allowing for implementation in various aged settings. Consisting of the Arkom HX Distributed Room Controller, it is a standalone or networked device (no head-end).

The user-friendly design is easy to install and cost effective. These products are particularly useful as local nurse call and alarm systems when call logging and reporting are not essential, in such settings as Allied Health and Super Medical Clinics. 

Arkom GX is optional when call logging and reporting; and require high-level interfacing gateways such as DECT, POCSAG Paging and/or Fire Interface. Since Arkom Nurse Call Systems is a scalable system, the GX module is also the gateway for Enterprise Module Management (EMM). Depending on the client’s budget and specifications, the EMM module allows additional level of notification and communication using smart and android mobile phone via SMS. 

Arkom’s nurse call and alarm systems are designed to meet the diverse needs of the Australian Healthcare Industry, and its need for considered nurse call equipment. Exploiting IP network technology, the Arkom Nurse Call System is extremely fast with a display response time of less than .5 seconds, offering superior flexibility to support your processes. Give us a call today to discuss your nurse call system requirements.

  • Simple – Easy to Use and Install
  • Economical
  • Reliable
  • Flexible 
  • Scalable Modular
  • Audit Trail & Reporting – Advanced Reporting Software