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Indigo Care understands the importance of having fall prevention alarms and strategies in aged care facilities and hospitals.

To help staff and caregivers detect your resident’s movement and prevent falls, particularly for those residents who are more likely to fall, Indigo Care has designed and manufactured a wide range of corded and cordless quality fall prevention products that are cost effective, reliable, durable, and user-friendly. 

The range consists of our durable floor and cushion mats, bed mats, under mattress mats, chair mats, PIR Motion Sensor, Cordless Necklace Pendant, Wrist Pendant, Doorway Sensor, and Suspense Call Point.

Wired Fall Prevention Management

Indigo Care has a variety of nurse alarm systems providing a wide range of solutions to assist your staff and monitor the residents, particularly those who are more likely to fall, assuring the safety of your residents and loved ones.

We can help your staff monitor the residents with our extensive range of Corded Fall Prevention Alarms and sensor mats, monitors, leads and devices that are used independently, “standalone,” or directly connected to your local nurse call and alarm systems. 

We have a range of “Out of Bed Alarm” sensors such as our unique foldable floor mat and cushion mat, durable bed mat and pad, sturdy under mattress mat and comfortable chair mats, PIR Motion Sensor as well as our most advanced wet mat and pad for the incontinent. 

With these products, we offer a low-cost solution to your Fall Management Program and patient monitoring.

We can provide technical support and expert advice. Our sales team is available for your queries, just give us a call!

Wireless Fall Prevention Management

To reduce the risk of falls & trip hazards for the elderly and those with disabilities, Indigo Care has designed a range of Premium Fall Equipment and Fall Prevention Alarms/Fall Detection devices that have no leads, wires, or cables around the room.

Our extensive selection of Wireless Receivers and Transmitters coupled with our Cordless Fall Prevention Sensor mats, Cordless Neck, and Wrist Pendants (Waterproof & Anti-Microbial), Cordless Doorway Sensors, PIR Motion Sensors and Suspense Call Points offers a complete, end-to-end solution for your facility’s requirements for nurse call and alarm systems.

The cordless equipment will require either our Wireless Receiver Unit (RRU) or Wireless Call Point and allows up to five paired devices in a room at the same time.

We also offer the Communal Area Wireless Receiver Unit and Wireless Call Point that gives you unlimited access to cordless devices within the communal parameter.

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Wired Fall Prevention

PVC Floor Sensor Matt

Cushion Floor Sensor Matt

Bed Sensor Matt

Under Mattress Sensor Mat

Chair Sensor Matt

Mini Sensor Pad

Fall Alarm Monitor & Wireless Transmitter

Wet Sensor Mat

Wet Sensor Pad

Wet Sensor Monitor

Single PIR Motion Sensor

Dual PIR Motion Sensor

Y Cable

V Cable

DC Powerpack

Wireless Fall Prevention

Cordless Doorway Sensor

Cordless Neck Pendant

Cordless Wrist Pendant

Wireless Receiver Unit (RRU)

Cordless Suspense Point

Call Point with Wireless Receiver

PVC Floor Sensor Mat

Cushion Floor Sensor Mat

Transmitter RTU-USB

Transmitter RTU-FM

Bed Sensor Mat

Under Mattress Sensor Mat

Chair Sensor Mat

Mini Sensor Pad

Transmitter RTU-USB

Transmitter RTU-CM

PIR Motion Sensor