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Nurse Call Pendants and Points

At Indigo Care, our Australian designed and manufactured Nurse Call Points and Push Button Pendants with different variety of specifications and operating requirements can be used in most facilities that use Nurse Call Systems conforming to AS3811. Our large variety of nurse call points, pendants and other nurse call solutions are backward compatible with most existing local systems. 

Our pendants are designed with the elderly resident in mind, and depending on the needs of that resident, ensuring the fit in the palm of the hand is comfortable and easy to manage. The silicon push button pendant is waterproof & anti-microbial. 

Our innovative Wireless Nurse Call Point and Wireless Push Button Pendant can be used anywhere within the room or ensuite, as well as any communal areas that have our Wireless Call Point or Receiver Unit (RRU) as part of their wireless nurse call systems. The Wireless Pendant is waterproof and anti-microbial.

Patient Handsets & Displays

The Patient Entertainment Handset is designed with a Registered Patent in Australia. The silicon buttons and interchangeable silicone sleeve have anti-microbial properties. When the speaker shutter is closed, the handset meets the ingression protection rating IP67, i.e. dust-proof and waterproof (temporary immersion in water). These properties are critical for infection and pathogenic microorganism’s control. The handset is also repairable and serviceable in case of replacing the cable, speaker, and silicon parts. The handset is backward compatible with most nurse call systems either by using our wall socket or adaptor cable (dongle) for Rauland, HTR, Sedco, and Inteltec systems.

Our Over Door Light (ODL) uses a non-obstructive acrylic prism with high intensity, lower power LEDs. It is designed for high visibility and wide viewing angle. The ODL is designed to operate from 12V-24V. It has optional 3 and 6 LED lights.

The Australian design annunciator is a universal LED display for all applications in the aged care and hospital environment, with a display choice for single or double-sided using 8 or 16 module LEDs.

If you have any queries, please contact our friendly sales team. We have a 30-day money back guarantee on orders and all our products come with a 1-year warranty. (see our Warranty Terms and Conditions for details).

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Nurse Call Points & Pendants

Dry Area – Gen 1 

Wet Area – Gen 1

Dry Area – Gen 1 with Wireless Receiver

Dry Area – Gen 2

Wet Area – Gen 2

Streamline Pendant

Easy Grip One Button Pendant

Easy Grip Two Button Pendant

Silicon One Button Pendant

Silicon Two Button Pendant

Paddle Pendant

Pull Cord

Wireless Pendant on Lanyard

Patient Handsets & Displays

Entertainment Wall Socket

Entertainment Handset – Gen 1

Entertainment Handset – Gen 2

Handset Accessories

Handset Dongles

TV Interface

Over the Door Light